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Dota 2 7.35 Patch Update 2024


Dota 2 is in the process of beating smurfing and bad actors. Valve has given several updates to the game to prevent that from happening. But the update we are going to talk about is not one of these. Instead is a meta changing update with several changes that impact the game. It is the first update of the year so they have added a few more things to make it worth your while. This update also has mostly heroes nerfed so it is kind of meta-changing on its own. So in this blog, I will simplify things for you. This blog will be a simplification of what are the new changes in the game. Which heroes got nerfs and what new items got included in the game? I’ll be answering all of these questions.

General Changes:

Creep update:

The first thing on the update is that Valve decreased the amount of experience that you get from killing neutral creeps. Specifically, it will give 2 less gold and experience when killed. I don’t have to tell you that this will make it harder for you to farm gold. But on the brighter side, they removed any effect on neutral creeps by Graveyard, Statue, and Well buffs. They also increased the damage of Super Creeps and Mega Creeps by 5 making it harder for you to defend your base. In mines and well areas, there will be watch creeps.

After this update Tormentor will no longer obtain less than 0 armor: This means that any debuffs or abilities that would reduce Tormentor’s armor below 0 are now prevented. Now the minimum armor he will have is essentially one making him more durable.

There’s also a new ability of tormentor called “the shining”. With this ability, the tormentor deals 30 damage per second with 6 damage per tick. Dealing damage to all units within the range of 1200.

Roshan’s new ability is “Roar of Retribution”. What this ability does is when Roshan’s health drops down from 80% he makes a roar that can be heard globally. This roar gives damage to every unit within the range of 900 of Roshan. Additionally, all the units that got affected by AOE will also get debuffed for 8 seconds making the units take 25% extra damage to all of the other resources. There’s also a new drop for Roshan named Roshan’s Banner.

It is a consumable item that creates a buff for allied lane creeps giving them 75% health and damage of 50%. The buff lasts for 45 seconds but the banner itself lasts for 5 minutes it can be destroyed by the enemy’s heroes or creeps. There’s also an update on Roshan’s death cycles but I will not cover them here.

Courier vulnerability:

With a new update of no healing or health regeneration outside the fountain, the courier will be much more vulnerable to enemy attacks and spells. And because of that now you have to be extra careful about it except for the fountain although they did increase the fountain’s damage by 25% in a 250-unit radius around the target it doesn’t damage the courier.

Teleport changes and twin gates cost changes:

They now have updated the speed of teleporting to the outpost and have decreased the time from 6 seconds to 4 seconds. This can Increase the mobility of heroes who struggle to farm or move around the map quickly, especially for those juggling heroes who enjoy the outpost control.

Twin gates will now cost 75 mana this can limit the abuse of twin gates for quick rotation they also removed any cost for units without any mana. Non-hero units like summoned creatures or illusion will still be using twin gates without any mana costing.

Well, that was it for the general changes in the game all of the other changes are either for Items or heroes. Honestly, this is a big update and it has more than 50 heroes updates and I can’t list down each one of them because that will get boring and stale.